Fiesta Del Rancho
P.O. Box 54, Concepcion, TX 78349 - Phone 361-816-5983
41st Annual
Fiesta Del Rancho

October 5, 6, & 7, 2018

Civic Center Fair Grounds
Concepcion, TX

Live Music, CARNIVAL,Parade, Concessions,
Outdoor Dancing, Loteria (Bingo),
Trail Ride (coggins certificate required),
Cabrito Guisado Contest (Saturday),
Singing Talent Contest (Sunday),
and Much More Enjoyment and Fun!

Admission to Fair Grounds $5.00
The Best Fiesta in South Texas
The Fiesta del Rancho has been a local tradition for over fifty years. It was relocated to it's present site thirty years ago and it's still going strong.
Live Bands: Las Fenix, Raulito Navaira y Grupo Remedio, Art & The Bottom Creek Band, Daniel Lopez & Grupo Aventura, Grupo Lozano, Los Estrenos de Amando Garza Dave Rukkus, Brush Country Band, Ricky Ruiz y Los Escorpione, and Frank Garcia y Los Culpables
Trail Ride...
1-day Trail Ride ($20) starting in Realitos, TX. For more information on the Trail Ride call Eloy Perez (956) 740-8096 and Joe Salinas (361)537-4149, MUST provide a Coggins Certificate. Additional information provided. For Camper Reservations please contact Christine Cavazos at 361-816-5983.
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